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Fashion Show in biggest slum in Africa in Kibera

Fashion Show in biggest slum in Africa in Kibera Young women from different background in East Africa, Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia are involved in fashion show in Kibera. These ladies are included underage mothers, some of them have difficult backgrounds and they see that the fashion show to be the best way to express themselves.

Underage mothers. – Wali Hashi

Issues of poverty, poor education, a lack of contraceptive advice and the practice of child marriage — nine out of 10 adolescent births occur within a formal union — all play their part, as does sexual violence!.

Can we forgive a terrorist?

Horriyo is a Journals and works Radio Galkayo in Somalia. She left from her work and men approached here and shot her five times, still she managed to survive.

Trailer EA Women´s TV

Women TV starting in East Africa